2013 April

2013 April - 01

Pretty much sums up the month.

I started using Google Calendar to manage my calendar events ever since I got my smartphone. But then I realized, although I could bring everything like to-do list, notes and calendar on my smartphone, I still prefer to have a hard copy so that I could doodle on it.

Do you use any personal planner apps or similar kind of tools to boost your productivity?

2013 April - 02

Had a themed faculty photoshoot session.

2013 April - 03

aftermath of BBQ, they start to BBQ other stuff..

2013 April - 04

This was taken when I went for a ride at the new road construction site near Kampar Putra.

Great off-road and the view is simply amazing. Too bad I went out too late, and I have to rush home before it gone dark.

2013 April - 05

In the midst of harsh finals, we manage to squeeze one day to go to Cameron Highlands.

Last time I missed the opportunity to visit Boh’s Tea farm due to bad scheduling which they’ve closed for the day. This time, I’m not going to repeat the same mistake.

Breathtaking view and definitely recommended as the perfect getaway from your hectic working or study life.

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