2013 March

2013 March - 01

March, it was the second half of the semester, tests and assignments coming in as if all the lecturers had mutual agreement to kill all of us in one shot.

It feels much more busy than ever due to the final year project application development phase. Nevertheless, I still manage to squeeze some free time to take part in various activities.

Some of the photos in this post are taken with a smartphone camera.

2013 March - 02

Photo outing at Kellie’s Castle organized by the photography society.

Nice place to explore and it was great for shooting especially model shots.

2013 March - 03

I’ll post up the pictures when I’m done with the editing.

2013 March - 04

Received a sample unit of Rosewill mechanical keyboard for review purpose.

The review lives here.

2013 March - 05

1700 participants took part in the charity ride event organized by UTAR.

It was a 30KM ride and I get to know a lot cycling enthusiasts around Kampar.

2013 March - 06

In the end of the day, I won a Cateye rear blinker through the lucky draw. I was expecting to win the grand prize which is a mid-high-end mountain bike.

2013 March - 07

My friend graduated one semester earlier than us because he was manage to complete all of his subjects before any of us could.

2013 March - 08

Thanks to our government’s BB1M (1 Malaysia Book Voucher) – RM250, spent on all these books at Kinokuniya.

No doubt Kinokuniya is the best book store throughout Malaysia, cause they have a dedicated section for Japanese books.

2013 March - 09

After Mobile Application Development midterm test.

Till now I still don’t understand why do we need to emphasize so much written test for a programming subject.

2013 March - 10

Qingming festival, time for visiting our ancestors’ graves.

2013 March - 11

Mama cat sneak into our house and give birth to four kittens.

Took them in and gave them a proper “house”.

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