2014 September

2014 September - 03

I’ve been taking my sweet time in preparing my monthly photo journal….

2014 September - 01


2014 September - 02

Souvenir from Thailand.

Pocky is kinda rare in Malaysia because there’s a much cheap clone around – Rocky.

2014 September - 04

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this photo appear in my Facebook newsfeed ever since the opening of Pavilion mall. Yet I never had the chance to come here.

To be frank, I thought the place would be very special but when I personally came here, meh….

2014 September - 05

What a view, from hospital.

2014 September - 06

Attended the annual Bon Odori. Last year’s Bon Odori post.

It rained rather heavily and pretty much spoiled the event.

2014 September - 07

Good thing that the rain stopped halfway, and the obon dance continues.

2014 September - 08

Obon dance.

2014 September - 09

My first taste of Dr Pepper ruined because of the Zero.

Just like Pepsi Max and Coke Zero, they all tastes like medicine.

2014 September - 10


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