2015 January

201501 - 01

Kickstarting 2015’s first monthly photo journal with bull power.

This year could be one of the most challenging year for me. As some of you might noticed that I’ve significantly increased my blog post count throughout the month especially the LX3 project. That’s because of what I pledged in my new year resolutions, to improve my photography skills.

My last year’s resolution was a huge failure as I never had the discipline to follow what I had set to do throughout the year. Hence, most of them are either half-assed or failed. This year I’m giving myself another chance to change my life. Some might say that new year resolutions are just for show, I sincerely pity you if you believe so. You may achieve things without a resolution but without a destination, you can’t push yourself go far enough.

It is the same as the question – “Where do you see yourself in 2 or 5 years from now?” Without a clear target to achieve or setting something in collateral, you will always end up in the comfort zone and that is the most devastating decision you’d ever made.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years from now?

I’ll leave you guys with the question as well as the photos.

201501 - 02

Ivy made chinese red eggs for my birthday.

201501 - 03

Gift from a couple good friends of mine.

201501 - 04

So called premium apple. Each costs RM16 if not mistaken.

201501 - 05

Random decoration in a hotel.

201501 - 06

Leftover charcoal at the public BBQ stove.

201501 - 07

The pool at my apartment.

201501 - 08

I started to pick up swimming alongside with badminton so that I won’t develop hikikomori as I dropped cycling.

I never had any formal swimming lesson but I do manage to swim thanks to the childhood exposure to the beach and pools. Perhaps it is a great chance for me to properly learn how to swim.

201501 - 09

So has the month of January treating you well?

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