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TrackMan Marble - 01


Other than your everyday computer mice, a trackball is also a computer pointing device. In fact they’re invented far earlier than mouse, and due to the mouse has better public acceptance, hence the downfall of trackballs.

However, trackballs still has their roles to play in today’s computing environment, for instance medical field and certain design industry. Nevertheless, there’s still a group of enthusiasts supporting trackballs as the most original computer pointing device.

I always wanted to try to use a trackball all this year, and I made the purchase during my last trip to LowYat Plaza. Without futher delay, here’s the review. (expect a complete amateur review)


TrackMan Marble - 01

The front of the package, Logitech-y packaging style.

TrackMan Marble - 02

Back of the box with more product information.

TrackMan Marble - 03

Open box.

TrackMan Marble - 04

Included is the trackball unit with attached USB cable and user manual.

Looks, Feel. Usability

TrackMan Marble - 05

The trackball has a total of four buttons, two at each side.

With default settings, the large buttons serve as the left/right click, while the small buttons serve as forward and back.

You may change the button functions by installing Logitech SetPoint software.

TrackMan Marble - 06

The trackball is removable for easy cleaning.

The movement of the ball is tracked via optical.

TrackMan Marble - 07

The base is rather large with three rubber feet.

The rubber feet holds the trackball in place while the user is using the trackball.

TrackMan Marble - 08

The size of the trackball.

TrackMan Marble - 09

Thanks to the curved surface, you may rest your palm comfortably while using it.



  • Affordable – RM59 or cheaper
  • Less wrist movement – good for your wrist
  • Ambidextrous design – lefties can use it as well
  • Can be used in small space


  • Few buttons
  • No scrolling option


  • New learning curve – need sometime to get used to trackball

This is my very first trackball, hence that pretty much explains my zero knowledge and experience in trackballs.

The functionality is pretty straight-forward, you scroll the ball and the cursor moves along. As well as the left and right click along with 2 extra buttons for other functions. Too bad there’s no scrolling option which might slow you down while browsing websites or documents. Thus, I set a button to function as scrolling option which turns the trackball into scroll wheel when pressed.

It is comfortable to use as well. Previously my right hand had serious wrist pain due to the mouse shape and prolonged period of maneuvering (working hour 9am to 6pm). I set up the trackball for my left hand and allow my right hand to rest when I’m using computer at home.

I won’t say it’s cheap at RM59, but that’s probably the cheapest trackball you can get in local market. For starters, they’re pretty nice to use and all the other functionality can be configured or performed with keyboard. Definitely, trackballs are not for everyone I must say…

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  1. Ying Hung says:

    glad to see another utarian using trackball (:

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