Happy New Year 2010


Wishing a Happy New Year 2010 to my family, friends and readers.

Went to Kampar’s Westlake with comrade Robert Tan, for photo-shooting and celebrating the event.


As expected, there’s a huge crowd at the Westlake. We set up our gears and start shooting.


Photo of the stars… well, a bit cloudy though…



The Kampar new town view from Westlake.


Year 2009 was a great year. After I graduated from secondary school, I enrolled into National Service which started from December 2008 until March 2009. It was a special experience for me, including good and bad ones…


After finishing the National Service, I experienced the most carefree life since I was born 18years ago. I enjoy doing all sorts of things during that period, watching anime, building gunpla, surfing websites, learning stuffs, and building this blog.


April, It’s finally time for me to decide which college/university to enroll into. I choose UTAR for the few reason that – Robert & HuiHui is going to UTAR, the course and fee offered, and location.


And soon we went to Kampar ourselves to know the place better. The post regarding the trip can be read here.


We rent a house at Kampar and moved into the house around mid-May, 2 weeks earlier before the orientation. Click here for the post.


Soon, after the University started, life is getting busier and busier and I hardly blog anything. The life is so different and cramped that I’m having some hard time during my first semester.


I also received a request from my friend to build a PC for him. That PC is the most expensive PC I ever built. For the first time I handle a CoreI7 processor. Sorry that the update of this project never being blogged completely due to my time restraints. From this event I also learned that the importance of after sales service.


And also the broke out of Influenza H1N1 which had caused a ruckus around the globe. Hope this disease would calm down or get cured real soon. (lots of rumours claiming that the influenza will come back soon…)


Fast forward to October… Second semester starts, the life is getting more hectic than ever. The first week of the semester is mentioning about the assignments already…

And I got myself a Lumix LX3. Forgot to mention that, all the photos in this article is taken with LX3.

We moved to another new base after living at the first house for five months. The main reason is due to – the rental too expensive, the owner has money symbols in both of his eyes, no idea why the house is so hot.. to read about the process of moving, click here.


November, occurs one the greatest event that ever happened in my life. I took part in the Left4Dead versus mode tournament with three of our comrades – Teh, CK and HuiHui. Surprisingly we won the champion of the qualifying round, click here for the event. Even though we lost during the grand finals, still it was a great experience to know other pro-gamers.

December marks another busiest month I ever had… The assignments, and bunch of other events that made we almost gone crazy… Still I manage to gone through all those… (barely…)


and so.. all those happened in the year 2009 and I learned lots of things in this year than ever… I hope this year is going to be more better.

Before I finalize this article, I would like to apologize to those who I offended, please forgive my childish acts…

Best wishes for all of my readers.

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