Japanese Moe Rice

Full Moe Panic!!! Here comes the Full Moe Japanese Rice. I know that some of our readers don’t understand what is “Moe”.

“Moe” or 萌 is actually a japanese slang, pronounced “mo-eh”. Originally it means budding of a plant. However, in otaku culture, it is also used to describe something that is extremely wonderful especially lovely girls (2D). Nowadays, even cute boys or lovely non-living things can use this phrase to describe (2D).

a small transparent fraction for us to check out the rice in the package.

Folks in Malaysia might noticed that the Japanese rice is different with local rice. Japanese rice is actually short grain rice which is small and round in shape, while our local rice is long grain rice, long and cylinder shaped. (picture below)

Manga on the back. O.O

Wait a sec… You don’t just get the rice only, you actually get bunch o free stuffs with it..

A bag… for you to carry the rice…

Sorta booklets or something readable for you to read while waiting the rice to cook… ^^

This is how Japanese rice looks like when it is cooked.

Oh wait, this is a 1kg pack, costs 2000yen, which is approximately RM60… OH MY GOSH… RM600 for 10kg of rice… щ(゚Д゚щ)

Information and images via Gigazine

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