Week 13 of 52 Pens and Papers – I still have the love of taking physical notes despite we’re living in the digital era where our smart devices are so efficient and convenient in helping us organized. The feeling of actually holding the pen and writing on a piece of paper is so extremely satisfying. […]

2015 with LX3 – Notes

Worth It
Week 12 of 52 There's a saying in Chinese, “钱乃身外物”, which implies Money will come and go and is not an inherent part of the human being. What important is the well spent money would bring us an irreplaceable living experience and what not, self growth which will eventually empower our viewpoint in dealing with the world. *PS - The photo has nothing to do with the content of this post.

2015 with LX3 – Worth It  

Kampar Night Walk - 01
UTAR, just like any other universities, would organise some sort of career fair every academic semester, hoping to expose the students to the potential employers before they graduate. Due to the great experience from the employed UTAR students as well as close relationship between the faculty and company management, my company once again attended the […]

Kampar Night Walk

The month of February passed in a blink of an eye. It has always being one of my favourite month because of the long awaited Chinese New Year that usually falls in this month. It has been two months plus since I plotted a daily time table for everything I have to do in order to achieve my […]

2015 February

2015 Chinese New Year - 32 1
Chap Goh Mei or Lantern Festival just ended as I’m writing this article. It marks the end of the 15-days-long Chinese New Year celebration. What did you do to celebrate the most *AMAZING* festive season of the year? On the side note, I’ve been thinking to overhaul everything in my blog, especially with the plan of moving […]

Chinese New Year 2015