First Impression: Kill la Kill

KILL la KILL - 01

From the creators of “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” and “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”, what else you can’t expect of?

This is an anime that packs energy, speed as well as randomness. Everything is constantly moving and you don’t even have a chance to catch a breath. And…. That’s the style that makes it different from the rest.

I thought I no longer have the chance to watch any series that could live up to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I guess the wait is over.

2014 Spring Anime Watchlist

"なんかSFっぽい学校" by ピナケス

“なんかSFっぽい学校” by ピナケス

Spring 2014 Anime Chart v3

You know the drill, it’s time for another season of anime. Once again thanks to Zana at Neregate for the season’s chart.

The coming season has quite a lot of titles and it took me quite some time to quickly go through all of them. Thank goodness I don’t really have any particular titles that I’m really looking forward to, so this round, all of the selected titles are based on my first impression from the synopsis and PV alone. Trust me, I’ve yet even did any research on them prior to the writing of this article.

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Chinese New Year 2014

2014 Chinese New Year - 06

Chinese New Year, one of the most important traditional Chinese festival observed with Lunar calendar. Since I was young, my family has maintained the tradition of family reunion on the eve of Chinese New Year. As far as I could recall, none has ever skipped this gathering intentionally.

Few years back, when I moved to Kampar for my tertiary studies, the feeling of “going home” has seeded and grown in me. Year by year, I find the preparation and the process of travelling home to be a wonderful experience. Then I graduated and started working in Selangor, well I don’t know, it seems like time passes extremely quick… When I was driving home, I couldn’t stop thinking of how much has changed throughout the years. It seems like I just celebrated previous Chinese New Year days ago! Has time always being such a jerk? What else could’ve change in the coming years?

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Comic Fiesta 2013


After much delay, the photos of Comic Fiesta 2013 is finally ready to be shared. I seriously need to keep up my pace! By the way, if you’re not aware of what Comic Fiesta, it is actually Malaysia’s largest and longest running ACG event.

Once again, I’m invited for the event as a media blogger in exchange for my post-holocaust report which you’re reading right now. While I hope to cover every little details over here, but that proves to be a challenge for me given that I’ve taken so much time for just going through that little number of photos. Anyway, let’s read on for my report on the CF2013.

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