201510 - 01
First, about the LX3 project – it is officially halted. Why? I had my priorities shifted… I’ve been handed with an important project on my desk job. Me being dumb and inexperienced is currently facing unprecedented amount of responsibilities on the job role.

2015 October

201509 - 01
Lately, I’ve been spending more time on my day job instead of doing photography or chasing back my anime backlogs. A mission impossible was handed over to me and I have no choice but to make a miracle out of nothing. Hey at least we’re doing something right? Anyhow, move on to the monthly photo journal. […]

2015 September

Fall 2015 Anime MyAnimeList.net
Upon checking my history posts, I’m kind of shocked that I’ve been doing this seasonal anime watchlist thingy for full 6 years! WOW! Even if no one actually reads my seasonal watchlist but I still do it anyway… Especially when most of the time, the titles that I had interest with would live in my HDD […]

2015 Autumn Anime Watchlist

Animangaki 2015 - 01
AniManGaki 2015 took place at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre from 29th to 30th August 2015. AniManGaki symbolises the combination of “Anime”, “Manga” (Comic) and “Gaki” (Japanese slang of ‘brat’). The event is established by fans for fans, with the purpose of bringing anime, manga, and games enthusiast together and celebrate the diverse pop-cultures of Japan. […]

AniManGaki 2015